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Special Occasions

At Dermalaser, our main focus is personalizing individual skin care treatments taking into account your skin condition, your needs and your expectations.

When there is a special celebration, whether it is personal or in the family or amongst friends, especially a wedding or a big birthday, we often find this is a time when clients approach us and are really motivated to improve their skin so that they can shine on their big day! 

We always advise clients to come and see us well in advance of a big celebration so that we can help you to achieve your skin goals using a variety of treatments and products. We will recommend a tailor-made package for you taking into account the time needed and being sensitive to your budget.

This is a highly personal skin journey and our experienced aesthetician, Chinelle, is on hand to provide recommendations and to support you throughout the process.

As these treatments are personalised, we invite you to make an appointment with Chinelle who will discuss your individual skin rejuvenation or treatment package with you, to help you achieve your goals. 

Contact her directly to set up a personal appointment:


Chinelle Cromhout:

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